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From Surviving to Thriving: The Power is in Our Stories

C. Bruce Johnson

Hello, my name is Bruce Johnson. At age 42 I had a heart attack on the job. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I am a far better person today.

I'm glad you've discovered the Web site and you don't have to be a person recovering from a heart attack or some other form of cardiovascular disease to find a home here.

Simply put, if you're looking to make some lifestyle changes with better food choices, exercise and a physical with your doctor and could use some encouragement from real people just like you, this is the place. Read on--

I am a veteran broadcast journalist in Washington, DC, and I suffered a massive heart attack while on assignment in a tough DC neighborhood. I was athletic, looked to be in good shape and still young enough to put off any worry of a looming health crisis.
My heart attack signs were not sudden, but slow and rather mild. I thought it was indigestion or even cramps from too many sit-ups at the gym the night before. My overall discomfort eventually gave way to a persistent pain in the center of my chest.

Bruce Johnson talks about the power of heart attack survivors
sharing their stories with others.

I was lucky because my camerman was smart enough to drive to a nearby firehouse and from there I was rushed to a hospital. Within hours I had undergone emergency angioplasty. At least one million people will have heart attacks this year. Half won't be as lucky as me.

In Heart to Heart, we are trying to save lives, by first telling my story and those of  eleven other diverse men and women, who survived heart attacks or some other near fatal coronary episode. It's no longer a disease that strikes just older men. This is an equal opportunity killer that attacks more women than all other diseases combined, including breast cancer.

This isn't another medical book. The doctors have had their say; Heart to Heart is from patients, who for the first time in their lives are willing to share their most intimate stories. The power of recovery is in one patient sharing his or her story with others.

Heart To Heart Book Signing

Read a preview of Chapter One that details my heart attack symptoms.

The success of this book has been remarkable. Heart to Heart is now being read around the world including China where it has been translated and made available to nearly 1.3 billion people. 

If there is a concern about heart disease in your family, explore this Web site to learn more and then order Heart to Heart. If you merely want to begin a new heart healthy lifestyle as we did, then explore this Web site and order my book right here online. You can also go to any other book store on the web; Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, I promise it will be one of the best gifts that you can give yourself, a family member or friend.

Here's to your good health,

Bruce Johnson

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