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African American Men

African American Men: Smallest Numbers, Biggest Consequences!

Studies show that African American men are less likely to be diagnosed with coronary heart disease. However, they are more likely to die from heart disease.

The American Heart Association reports that cardiovascular disease was the major cause of death for African American men in 2009.

High cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, poor diet, alcohol and cigarettes are all contributing factors; but hereditary factors, access to health care and ignoring warning signs are also causes of heart disease in African American men.

Dr. Louis Kanda, noted cardiac surgeon at the Washington Hospital Center, says when he was in medical school there was little if any instruction about heart disease and African Americans.

Adopt A Heart Healthy Lifestyle Today

Heart to Heart subject Reverend James Love and his wife Deborah of Bowie, MD

In Chapter 7 of Heart to Heart, The Reverend James Love is struck down by a heart attack while delivering a fiery sermon to a packed congregation. He would later tell Johnson that while in the emergency room he thought to himself, "'I said 'Lord what is going on here?' I associated heart attacks with obese people or people who were older." Reverend James was only in his 40s, but well overweight, leading a very stressful existence and devouring a lot of the traditional soulful church food.

The American Heart Association says that although African American adults are 40 percent more likely to have high blood pressure, they are 10 percent less likely than their non-Hispanic and Caucasian counterparts to have their blood pressure under control.

Hispanic Men and Heart Disease

Like African American men and women, the leading cause of death in Hispanic men is cardiovascular disease, according to a 2013 report published by the American Heart Association.  

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