Bruce Johnson
Heart To Heart In China

Heart To Heart Published In China

"Heart To Heart: 12 People Discover Better Lives After Their Heart Attacks" has been published in China!

In April, 2012, the People's Medical Publishing House in China translated  "Heart To Heart"  into Mandarin.

China has the world's largest population with about 1.3 billion people. According to Medical News Today, the Lancet researched and discovered that between 2001 and 2011, the number of Chinese patients hospitalized for the most severe kind of heart attack quadrupled.

"Heart to Heart" author Bruce Johnson accepted an invitation to visit Beijing and Shanghai, where scores of people, most of them surprisingly young, turned out to talk to him about his breakthrough book and how they could make lifestyle changes in the homes they share with parents and grandparents. 

Here are more pictures from Bruce's China book tour:



Read the NPR report on the rise of heart attacks in Chinese citizens.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has information on the rise of cardio vascular disease and risk factors for Chinese people.

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