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Heart to Heart: 12 People Discover Better Lives after Their Heart Attacks by C. Bruce Johnson

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Heart Attack Recovery Survivors Share Intimate Stories of Surviving and Thriving in Heart to Heart by Award-Winning Journalist C. Bruce Johnson

Heart to Heart
is the First Book to Deal with the Emotional Side of Heart Attacks, The Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

WASHINGTON, DCHeart to Heart was written by veteran broadcast journalist Bruce Johnson, who, at age 42, was struck by a heart attack during a tough street assignment for WUSA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC. His photographer got him to a hospital within minutes. However, half of those who suffer such a coronary―often referred to as the "widow maker"―die before reaching an emergency room.

Bruce Johnson made changes, becoming a runner and completing the 26-mile Marine Corps Marathon ahead of half of the men in his age category. Now he wants to get the word out about how to take back one's life after a traumatic setback such as a heart attack. Much has been written about the medical side of cardiovascular disease. Heart to Heart (200 pp, published by iUniverse) is the first book written about the emotional side.

heart attack recovery expert bruce johnsonIn Heart to Heart, Johnson tells his story and those of a diverse group of 11 men and women from across the country, ranging in age and economic status. Johnson mined his family's deepest secrets and took inventory of his life, including reckless behavior that may have contributed to his heart attack. Survivors talk candidly about family stress, jobs lost, and divorces; but there is also laughter and love. They explain in detail how diet and exercise helped transform their bodies. The book is a testimony to the human spirit.

"Heart to Heart is about the power of one heart attack survivor sharing his or her story with another survivor," says Johnson.

Heart to Heart is available in hardcover ($27.95), softcover ($17.95), and e-book ($6.00) at,, and



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